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Expanded Prescription Drug Dispensing Formulary

With no copays or deductibles for Spirit Employees and Dependents


Solidaritus is pleased to launch a significant expansion of our no-charge prescription drug formulary available to participating Spirit employees and dependents at our Tulsa and Owasso Health Centers.  Thanks to our partnership with Spirit AeroSystems, we’ve been able to add 45 new and commonly used prescription medicines to the formulary, nearly doubling the list of prescription drugs we’re able to dispense to Spirit Health Plan participants at no charge – no copays or deductibles, at all.

Please keep in mind that prescription drugs on the expanded, no-charge Solidaritus formulary  can only be dispensed to you with a prescription issued or approved by your personal Solidritus Health physician.

Don’t have a personal Solidaritus physician, yet?

It’s quick and easy to make an appointment. Just call :

(539) 202-1585   Solidaritus Health Center – Tulsa

(918) 528-47393   Solidaritus Health Center – Owasso



Expanded List of No-Charge Prescription Medications ⌊¹⌋ ⌊²⌋

Last update: 07/01/2022

⌊¹⌋    Newly added, no-charge prescription medications are highlighted in red.

⌊²⌋    Specific drugs on this list may be subject to change from time to time.  Call your local Solidaritus Health Center or contact your personal SolidaritUS doctor to confirm.


Please call your local Solidaritus Health Center, or send us a message on the Solidaritus member portal.

(539) 202-1585   Solidaritus Health Center – Tulsa

(918) 528-4733   Solidaritus Health Center – Owasso

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