Next Generation Care

The Solidaritus Health Experience

At Solidaritus Health, we’ve merged technology with old-fashioned kindness and respect to transform the patient experience. From smartphone consultations with your personal physician to same-day, no-wait appointments, we’re committed to lowering stress and reducing anxiety that is so often associated with accessing health care. Each Solidaritus Health Center is designed with these goals in mind. We’ll treat you the way you deserve to be treated—like family.

Next Generation Care.
Smarter. Easier. More Convenient.

Design Your Care Experience

Driving to a health center isn’t the only way to access care. Solidaritus Health members can choose how they want to access their personal doctors.
  • Phone or video consultation.
  • Secure text and email messaging.
  • In-person appointments.

Get Quick Access

  • Little or no waiting time.
  • Easy online or phone scheduling.
  • Fast access to urgent care.
    • 24/7 access to your personal doctor by phone, text, or email.
    • Same day/next day appointments.

Track Your Health Progress

Your secure, online Solidaritus Health patient portal app empowers you to manage your own health.
  • Order prescription refills.
  • Monitor current medications.
  • Schedule appointment reminders.
  • View lab test results.
  • Set and track personal goals with your physician/health coach.
  • Hold secure video consultations with your personal doctor.

Expect Smart, Evidence-based Care

The Solidaritus Health technology platform equips physicians with:
  • Immediate access to current evidence-based medical guidelines and care protocols.
  • Direct access to specialists at leading academic medical centers.
  • Award-winning health analytics for precision care.

Choose a Health Center Close to You

  • Choose the Solidaritus Family Health Center closest to home or work.
  • Access care at any Health Center within the Solidaritus Health Network.
  • Experience the power of coordination with a health IT system that supports consistently high-quality care.

Solidaritus Health Inc.
1025 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 907
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Solidaritus Health Inc.
1025 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 907
Washington, DC, 20036

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